• IDOL courses Academy - I've created assets using RISE, Storyline, VYOND and Canva.

  • Master's in Education

As a teacher, I loved inspiring my students to want more from life and created a space where they could not only dream big, but make those dreams a reality as well. As an administrator, I took that same inspiration and applied it to a greater audience. I worked with my staff on creating an environment of growth and forward thinking.

  • As an administrator, I was given the task to increase engagement and academic success amongst our students. Within the first year, my team and I saw a 30% increase in academic success, which in turn increased engagement.

  • I designed and implemented a school carnival from the ground up. It grew each year, both in size and revenue. When I left my site, four years later, we had increased our revenue by over 70%.

  • I developed and implemented a Restorative Justice Program for my site, that decreased classroom disruptions by 10%.

  • During my time as an English Language Development (ELD) teacher my site received an award for the having the most reclassified (English proficient) ELD students in the district. This was a direct result of my work with those students that year.