• Developed course in RISE

  • Describes how to give effective and professional feedback using the Situation, Behavior and Impact Model

  • Provides a quick reference tool for users

  • Developed in Storyline

  • Provides the audience with an explanation of the Situation, Behavior, Impact Model

  • Provides the audience with practice slides and example video, created in VYOND


This concept project was created in an effort to give managers and supervisors a format to follow when giving employee feedback. The tutorial takes the learner through the steps of the Situation, Behavior, Impact Model, provides them with short quizzes to test their knowledge and concludes with a short clip modeling the process.

The Client's Problem

This concept project imagines a company's leadership team coming to me to create various options of eLearning courses that will train them to effectively provide employee feedback. While giving employee feedback is part of the job for most managers and supervisors, it can still be a very uncomfortable task. Many employees in leadership roles state that they have never received training on how to effectively provide employee feedback. The SBI Model provides those in leadership roles with an easy to use tool that will assist them in these difficult conversations.


Due to the fact that the SBI Model is research based and widely recognized by companies as being the most effective way to give feedback, I decided that an eLearning course provided an ideal solution to the problem. Those in leadership roles not only need an effective method to turn to when a conversation like this needs to occur, but they also need to be able to practice those skills. In an effort to create multiple resources for the imagined client, I created courses in RISE, Storyline and PowerPoint. This gives the client different options on how to approach training. The RISE and Storyline eLearning courses can be done individually and are self paced, however they are short and can easily be referred back to if needed. The PowerPoint course allows for an Instructor-Led Training to occur. This course provides an Instructor Guide and Participant Guide and can facilitate a larger training.

This is a one minute video, completed as a concept project.